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Sheridan Launches Visually-Stunning Creative Campaign to Give Life to Its Vision for a Sustainable Future


August 15, 2019

The move targets a set of key operational, environmental and social measures, coincides with the launch of a creative campaign in partnership with TBWA\Sydney.

Iconic Australian homewares brand, Sheridan, announces new sustainability efforts which will ultimately help to drive greater accountability in the industry.

The move, which targets a set of key operational, environmental and social measures, coincides with the launch of a visually-stunning creative campaign in partnership with TBWA\Sydney.

Sheridan has committed that 100% of its consumer packaging will be reusable or recyclable by 2025 and that every new Sheridan product will be designed to consider end-of-life by 2025. The company’s product range will also increase to include more sustainable fibres and more responsible production processes in 2020.

To date, Sheridan has diverted over 40 tonnes of textiles from landfill and the business is continually challenging itself to find better, more sustainable ways of working. When it comes to packaging, 100 tonnes of cardboard have been eliminated by the business over the past 12 months.

“We believe a tipping point has been reached in terms of global sustainability efforts, and enlightened brands are embracing positive change,” said Renee Awadalla, GM Marketing, Sheridan Australia. “Sheridan is taking action and proudly playing our part in order to make a real difference. We’re actively working towards reducing the environmental impact in everything we do; from our raw material and manufacturing process choices to how we package our products”. Said Paul Gould, Group General Manager, Sheridan Australia.

In February 2019, Sheridan launched an instore recycling program which will be rolled out to all Sheridan stores by August 2019. Since the launch, over 3,150kg of pre-loved bed linen and towels have been donated by customers. Sheridan is actively looking for new ways products and textiles that might have otherwise been considered waste can be diverted from landfill. In September 2019, a tea towel made from recycled yarns will be offered in stores.

“The creative campaign celebrates a pivotal milestone in Sheridan’s corporate evolution,” said Paul Bradbury, CEO TBWA Australia & New Zealand. “Our campaign is a beautiful reflection of the rising tide of sustainability consciousness in Australia”

The campaign ‘Make Tomorrow Beautiful’ produced by TBWA\Sydney, Revolver/Will O’Rourke and The Glue Society transforms Sheridan’s luxury bed linen into highly detailed replicas of iconic natural landscapes. Each visual represents the diverse parts of nature we need to protect, while demonstrating Sheridan’s commitment to creating products that sustain and support the beauty we see in nature.

From Australia’s Great Dividing Range to the world’s perilous glaciers, the imagery of our campaign encourages people to think twice about the image itself and their shopping behaviours.

“Photographed on set at The Glue Society Studios, the team did a remarkable job transforming sustainable fabrics into effortless artistic symbols for sustainability,” says Andy DiLallo, Chief Creative Officer TBWA\Sydney.

Sheridan is actively pursuing new partnerships in its global sustainability drive and is implementing the necessary changes to support the new goals across the breadth of its international supply chain.

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