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Nissan Gives Saudi Women Driving Lessons After Country Lifts Ban On Female Drivers
Nissan Middle East is marking the government of Saudi Arabia's recent decision to overturn the ban on women driving cars in its latest campaign in the region. From June this year, women will be allowed to drive, but according to the documentary-style film from Nissan, many are hesitant because of prejudice against them and fear that their male relatives will disapprove.

TBWA\RAAD took a group of women and offered them a special driving lesson; unbeknownst to them, the instructors were men close to them such as their fathers, brothers and husbands. The video shows their surprise as they meet their relatives, and how their confidence grows as they take their first lesson behind the wheel.

Nissan will be sharing the campaign with the hashtag #SheDrives in order to encourage women to apply for their licences.


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