Late rapper Riky Rick with a microphone over the word


The Riky Rick Foundation


The Challenge

When Riky succumbed to his battle with mental illness and took his own life, the world didn’t just lose a massive musical talent, but a person whose words uplifted everyone around him. 

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris set out to find a way to launch the Riky Rick foundation so that Riky’s legacy could live on and he could continue inspiring others and providing a voice for those suffering from mental illness.

The Solution

The entire song was manufactured using AI, with the help of Re-speecher, older songs, and interviews to clone Riky’s voice. Once the audio was secured, Riky’s family provided guidance to make sure that the track sounded just as it would had Riky recorded it himself.

The Results

Overall reach in the first two weeks
Decrease in negative sentiment around mental illness
Rand in free radio play
Rand in earned PR

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Riky Rick Stronger design process
Riky Rick Stronger design that uplifs
Riky Rick Stronger grafitti design treatment


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