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Gatorade launches G Active water in new campaign
The first human figure made from 100% water. To launch Gatorade's new energy drink, G-Active, we made a true-to-life water athlete, animated in mid-air and caught on camera. Without any CGI.

A series of 2,048 switches turned the water pressure on and off to trigger the droplets at the right time. We then used flash-lighting to illuminate and suspend the droplets in mid air. To have the camera positioned for the shot, the water rig synced with the motion control. Each time the team set a camera angle and flash, the water was dropped at that precise moment. The technical infrastructure of the whole project was designed and built in less than 10 weeks, comprising 20,000 plus individual parts and custom-made components. More than 5000 man hours were taken up in the design and build of the system.