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Taking Mardi Gras love to Oxford Streets around the country.
With 84% of LGBTIQ+ individuals believing there are still parts of Australia where they feel unsafe, the Festival’s celebration of diversity and commitment to social equality can feel a long way away for those living away from the famous Oxford Street parade-route. We realized there are Oxford Streets all over Australia (123 to be exact), ANZ and TBWA\Melbourne together with Revolver/Will O’Rourke, transformed Oxford Street signs countrywide into unique representations of LGBTIQ+ culture, from rainbows and love hearts to sailor flamingos and fiercely proud unicorns.


2019 Cannes Lions - Gold | Outdoor | Displays

2019 Cannes Lions - Silver | Outdoor | Displays

2019 Cannes Lions - Silver | Media | Consumer Services / B2B

Design Week Awards 2019 - Best of Show

Design Week Awards 2019 - Gold | Brand Campaign