X Speedportal Rick & Morty



To leverage Adidas’ partnership with the globally successful TV show Rick and Morty, TBWA\NEBOKO launched its new X Speedportal sneaker with a campaign that blends together science fiction, football and, of course, humor.

The Challenge

When Adidas launched the new football boot in its X franchise, it embodied a focus on both mental and physical speed. In order to stand out in such a cluttered category, the brand needed something multidimensional that would showcase the next-level mental and physical requirements needed to beat your opponent.

While the focus of the category was on linear speed through communications, it felt a bit one-dimensional. However, Adidas’ role was simple: to disrupt the football landscape by introducing the world to multidimensional speed on the feet of some multidimensional heroes. And who better to showcase such multidimensionality than Rick & Morty?

The Solution

With the help of TBWA\NEBOKO and the iconic cartoon duo Rick and Morty, Adidas unveiled the X Speedportal campaign ─ A Rick and Morty Odyssey. The campaign showcases Morty as he joins forces with football stars Mo Salah and Viv Miedema, embarking on a mission to defeat aliens in the International Unlicensed Cup. Inevitably, Morty emerges as the greatest player in the universe.

Centered around the 90-second animation, the campaign utilized Rick’s iconic portal to represent multidimensional speed as a red thread that flowed through all campaign touchpoints. As the campaign left the world of animation and landed in our reality, the portal guided the audience through the many campaign elements.

The Results

Impressions for the hero film
Increase in net sales in the first week
Media impressions during launch   


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