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To launch Nissan’s newest EV, the Nissan ARIYA, the brand tapped into the popularity of Lofi videos on YouTube by creating a four-hour-long ad, replacing EV “range anxiety” with calm serenity – just like the ARIYA’s timeless Japanese futuristic design, EV quiet drive, and 300 mile range on a single charge.

The Challenge

Many EV buyers’ cite concern around “range anxiety” – the idea that electric vehicles are limited in driving distances. So for Nissan’s launch of the all-new all-electric ARIYA, the campaign needed to accomplish two things: showcasing both the serenity of ARIYA’s interior and the ferocity of its performance.

We set out to drive nameplate awareness for the Nissan ARIYA while showing that the all-new EV is undeniably long-range reliable, all while driving up positive sentiment and engagement.

The Solution

How do you tackle “range anxiety?” With hours of chill Lofi beats. TBWA\Chiat\Day NY created a calming 4-hour ad inserting Nissan’s ARIYA EV onto the most popular Lofi YouTube channel. The ad uses seemingly endless looping driving animations to not only showcase ARIYA’s 300 mile range capabilities on a single charge, but also leans into the car’s timeless Japanese futuristic design and quiet EV cabin for a powerfully peaceful experience.

While TVC heavily focused on performance, Lofi was the perfect avenue for expressing ARIYA’s calming serenity.

The Results

Impressions and growing
2million +
Hours of listening time on the Nissan Lofi content
Lift in awareness

With an aim to engage consumers and to create a community that fosters positive sentiment towards the new ARIYA, Lofi Girl executions’ success was measured in three layers: Product Awareness, Engagements and Consumer Sentiment.

Lofi executions not only led to a 7.6 ppt lift in awareness, but a 1082% search lift for the keyword “Nissan ARIYA,” signaling the increasing popularity and awareness levels of the new EV. The content itself was a clear success, racking up 17 million views and over 2 million hours of listening time as consumers experienced the magic of the content created.

Viewers praised Nissan for creating content that resonates with the younger generations and appealing to consumers’ needs for mindful content. Audiences were awed by the combination of relaxing Lofi music and the artistic animation style. 395 million impressions and 3,500 comments showed that consumers were heavily engaged, and the universally positive sentiment proved they felt connected to the brand. Thanks to this campaign, brand association and sentiment toward Nissan was strong and praised.


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