Sir Trevor McDonald eating a McVitie's biscuit for True Originals.

True Originals



185 years. Countless imitations. But there can only be one True Original. Cue the new master-brand platform for Britain’s favorite biscuits, McVitie’s. Tuck in.

The Challenge

In 2023, McVitie’s was struggling to defend their price premium. The cost-of-living crisis meant that their target, all adults, were trading down to one of the many own label imitators as they couldn’t see why McVitie’s were worth paying more for.

The Solution

Instead of seeing these copycats as a threat, we saw them as part of the solution. After all, if you’re never copied, you’re not a true original. Thus the campaign ‘There is Only One’ put the spotlight on this phenomenon, featuring several imitated iconic British originals, to prove that true originals can be often copied, but never equalled.

The Results

Food and snacking brand in the UK following the campaign launch
Power Score when testing long term equity
Top 2%
of tested ads in pre-launch consumer research


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