Rozy the virtual influencer represents Shinhan Life Insurance in Bring Wonders to Life by TBWA

Bring Wonders to Life

Shinhan Life Insurance


South Korea’s newly established insurance company, Shinhan Life launches its first brand campaign—and Korea’s first virtual human, ‘Oh Rozy’.

The Challenge

Shinhan Life is Korean insurance brand that launched in 2021 after the merge between Shinhan Insurance and Orange Life Insurance. Amidst the Korean insurance industry where the top-tier brands already have solid presence, Shinhan Life needed to make a groundbreaking entry that can immediately grasp consumers’ attention. 

The Solution

Shinhan Life’s campaign slogan “Bring Wonders to Life” implies that Shinhan Life will bring a whole different newness to consumers’ life. We literally brought wonders to life with our creative by not looking like an insurance ad.

Rather than depicting warm, trustworthy tone and using text and words to describe the benefits like in the typical insurance ads, we used music and dance to convey the brand and created an entertaining, catchy piece of content.

Most importantly, we also employed Rozy, a virtual model, as our brand ambassador and for the first time in Korean history, a virtual model made its debut on insurance brand’s TV commercial.

The Results

Video views in three weeks
More search volume for Shinhan Life
Unaided brand awareness after the campaign

The Shinhan Life launch campaign was featured in prime-time news, on the main cover page of South Korea’s biggest portal sites and there were even parodies about it. More than 1,500 comments were generated, with numerous requests for an official song release as well. Furthermore, not only did Shinhan Life became viral, Rozy became the hottest issue in South Korea, sparking a drastic increase in demand for virtual models.

In consumer research conducted by Embrain, not only did Shinhan Life’s unaided awareness reach 57%, its brand preference ranked fourth – a significant outcome as a new incomer to the insurance industry. 



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