The first 1:1 supercar NFT. Inspired by the brand’s GT-R sports car, the NFT is a unique work of digital art featuring the iconic vehicle. Auctioned off with a reserve price of $280,000 CAD, the NFT came with a bonus—the keys to an accompanying 2021 GT-R NISMO Special Edition in an exclusive Stealth Grey exterior color. 

The Challenge

Nissan was looking to launch 3 models of the rare GT-R NISMO in Canada. But with a price tag of $280,000 CAD, they couldn’t rely on traditional advertising for hype.

The Solution

Recognizing that car enthusiasts are part of a niche market, we boldly decided to make the already limited-edition Super-car even more limited by creating a one of a kind NFT.

We collaborated with visual artist and futurist, Alex McLeod to design the GT-R NFT, and auctioned it off at $280,000 – the same price as an actual GT-R. The twist? Buy the GT-R NFT and get the keys to a real GT-R too.


Signal for Help

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