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TBWA\Chiat\Day LA pays a tribute to Serena Williams, Gatorade’s long-time partner, that focuses on her legacy of self-love.

To properly celebrate the GOAT, we recognized that Serena didn’t just change the game of tennis, but she also changed the world. Serena Williams showed us all the power of loving yourself and being unapologetic while doing so. TBWA\Chiat\Day LA felt compelled to show how Serena’s self-belief inspired multiple generations of people to be proud of their unique selves and talents.

This tribute to Serena’s legacy generated deeply positive emotional reactions, placed Gatorade in the center of sports and culture conversations and, most of all, ignited a powerful reminder to truly believe in and love who you are.

The film premiered during MTV’s Video Music Awards and ran through the first week of the US Open, creating such a buzz that, within the first four days of launching, received 591 PR placements and 17.7B impressions.

Serena's last US Open run dominated the news cycle and our work helped to fuel this conversation with hits from TODAY, Good Morning America, and CNN. Our work helped to stretch the brand's reach and relevance by receiving coverage from entertainment outlets that don’t typically favor branded content, such as Variety, Billboard and Vulture.

Prominent influencers from the worlds of sports, entertainment and equity & inclusion shared the film, authentically bringing our message deeper into these communities.

One of the things TBWA\Chiat\Day LA is most proud of is seeing that Serena appreciated and shared the film on her own social channels. Twice.