Chocolate packaging of a couple in bed Illustration

Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Le Chocolat des Français


For Valentine’s Day, Le Chocolat des Français launched a limited edition chocolate bar with ginger as the star ingredient. To promote the spicy new product, a deliciously flirtatious campaign was created.

The Challenge

Le Chocolat des Français is a chocolate brand known for its illustrative and creative packaging.

For Valentine’s Day 2022, the brand created a chocolate using ginger, a spice known for its aphrodisiac qualities. The brand wanted the packaging for this bar to be fun, colorful, and most of all sexy. But every time they had created daring packaging and artwork in the past, the posts would be censored on Facebook and Instagram, which lowers online sales.

The Solution

To avoid censorship while simultaneously staying true to the brand, TBWA helped Le Chocolat des Français maneuver algorithms with ‘The Very Spicy Campaign’.

Five packaging designs were created for the chocolate bars, each featuring everyday objects with a light sexual innuendo. The campaign itself then featured colorful scenes of couples who have fallen into a routine. In the middle of the visual, the chocolate bar calls on them to spice up their Valentine’s Day evening, thanks to optical illusions combining everyday elements and the suggestive designs.

Only a human eye could pick up the cheeky ambiguity, making the artwork completely camouflaged to the algorithm.

The Results

The posts promoting the bars made it through the entirety of the campaign without being censored. Better yet, the new Valentine’s Day packaging received wide spread media coverage, both nationally and abroad, reaching both traditional media and social influencers. Online sales exploded, with all blocks of chocolate selling out within 5 days.


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