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How would our children feel if we brought the realities of the gender pay gap to household chores?
In a bid to address systemic financial gender inequality and help women achieve financial success, ANZ bank first needed to address its own reputation if it were to engage, let alone help, an audience largely disenfranchised by not just the brand, but the category itself.
Rather than trying to push for incremental change through yet another category convention women’s financial education program, ANZ set out to change the world around them by provoking the uncomfortable truth of financial inequality and highlighting the disparity between a girl’s potential and a woman’s reality.

Stimulating a national conversation, twice (first at launch and again on International Women's Day with the launch of the Pocket Money Social Experiment), the campaign successfully sparked a Government Inquiry into financial gender equality.

Purpose marketing investment is often viewed as a Board-pleasing requirement rather than a genuine business-driving strategy. ANZ's EqualFuture turned this marketing logic on its head. Not only did ANZ see significant increases in reputation measures, the campaign proved to be the highest driver of purchase intent of any ANZ campaign and second-highest ROI contributor at more than 5 times the global industry benchmark. Linking ANZ to a purpose it had permission to own (some might even argue a responsibility) resulted in a transformational impact on both its own organization and broader public policy.


2017 APAC EFFIES - Bronze | Corporation Reputation

2017 APAC EFFIES - Bronze | Positive Change - Brand

2017 D&AD - Wood Pencil | Film Advertising Crafts | Casting for Film Advertising

2017 D&AD - Wood Pencil |PR | Creative B2C Campaign

2017 One Show - Merit | Film under 100k Budget

2016 APAC EFFIES | Silver | GoodWorks - Brand

2016 Cannes - Finalist | Direct | Financial Products & Services

2016 Cannes - Bronze | Direct | Use of Social Platforms

2016 Cannes - Finalist |Film |Financial Products & Services

2016 Cannes - Finalist |Film Craft | Casting

2016 Cannes - Gold | PR | Financial Products & Services

2016 Cannes - Bronze | PR | Business Citizenship/Corporate Responsibility

2016 Cannes - Finalist | PR | Content Led Engagement Marketing

2016 Cannes - Finalist | Promo & Activation |Financial Products & Services

2016 Cannes - Finalist | Promo & Activation | Use of Social Platforms

2016 AWARD - Finalist | Film & Video | Large format screens, individual, any length

2016 AWARD - Finalist | PR | Best integrated campaign led by PR

2016 AWARD - Finalist | Creativity for Good | Advertising and Marketing Communications