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Ulrich Proeschel

Vice President Business Development, TBWA

Ulrich initiates new client partnerships. He believes passionately that client-agency relationships can achieve stunning success if they are built on strong foundations. That means creating tailor-made teams using all the capabilities the agency has to offer; whether blending local and global talent or giving a strong local team access to worldwide resources. By listening, understanding and shaping the pitch process, Ulrich helps to assemble customized solutions that enable brands to play a formative role in contemporary culture.

He began his career with Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. Prior to joining TBWA 15 years ago he worked as Director of Marketing and Communications for Razorfish.

During his time at TBWA he has become an ambassador for the agency’s core theory of Disruption. He comments: “Disruption turns the ‘we are hoping for growth’ attitude into an active ‘we create business’ process. It is a simple, intuitive idea that has delivered proven success over many years. I’m confident that the brands practicing Disruption today are those that will be the most sustainable in the future.”

When he’s not traveling the world for business and pleasure, he’s looking for new additions to his photography collection. He is based in Berlin and is inspired by stories from across the globe or the end of his street.