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Rhonda George

Global Director, Talent Development, TBWA\Worldwide

Rhonda hails from Guyana, South America and calls New York City her home. After doing a tour of duty in the dot-com era, Rhonda came to TBWA in 2001 and discovered her passion for helping others to find and fulfill their mission. She’s responsible for driving TBWA’s training strategy, aimed at ensuring key talent is retained, engaged and developed at every stage of their career. She advocates individual growth plans, while focusing on a systematic and interactive learning approach to continually replenish TBWA's talent. She’s responsible for the development and launch of the most recent addition to our learning suite — The Wright Academy, which specifically focuses on the young, up-and-coming talent likely to be the big guns of the future.

When not tending to talent, she’s a nurturer; an avid gardener and rescuer of discarded furniture — giving them a whole new life and purpose.