Cox Communications | Visiting Hours

Studies show that when inmates maintain bonds with loved ones, it reduces the odds of them returning to prison after release. Yet the average inmate receives only two visits while incarcerated. This is due in large part to very limited visiting hours, and the current video call system which has high fees that are putting families into debt for a service that rarely works. The situation is forcing already struggling loved ones to choose between going into debt or losing their relationships, driving the already isolated inmates into further isolation.

Addressing the problem, we created “Visiting Hours,” reimagining visitation in the American prison system seen through the lens of three inmates. In partnership with the Fairfax County Detention Center located in Virginia, we instituted a new system consisting or private video booths equipped with Cox high speed internet, and new rules that ensure inmates can speak to loved ones every single day, for free.


– The highest Breakthrough and Brand Appeal scores with +24 points above average Cox norm

90+% positive brand sentiment compared to just 8% industry-wide

The project has influenced positive attitudes towards Cox by emphasizing the importance of real human connections and its innovative products. As a result, Cox has entered the conversation in consumers’ homes in a more relatable and human way, as viewers are likely to discuss the ad with family and friends.

But bigger than the impact for the brand, “Visiting Hours” has shown a new way forward for rehabilitation in America. The ambition is for this pilot program to be just the beginning of Cox changing the way we connect those most in need. With over 400 prisons in the Cox service area, this program has the potential to reach thousands of inmates over the next few years.