Pink Circle with white text inside that reads "me too."

Aliah Berman &
Tarana Burke at SXSW 2023

#Metoo: The Power of a Platform, 5 Years Later

The ‘me too.’ Movement is one of the best examples of the power of a platform to drive equity and disruptive change. For innovators, creators, and business leaders alike, there are powerful learnings in why #MeToo went viral, how the me too. Movement has defined modern culture, and how brands can more deeply connect with communities through personal storytelling. Brands & companies, leaders, and influencers today all are expected to stand for and demonstrate intentional effort in leading change. This is easier said than done amid discomfort and even fear of moving forward imperfectly, making mistakes, and publicly being called to task. This discussion will inspire business leaders, storytellers and change makers to overcome “perfection paralysis” and move forward courageously in the direction of disruptive change for good.