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Backslash Releases 2018 Global Pre-Trends Report


December 27, 2017

Study predicts the convergence of unexpected worlds, asserts implications for brands and consumers in year ahead

Backslash, the cultural insight studio powered by global advertising agency TBWA Worldwide, today released its Pre-Trends for 2018. Part vision, part research, part expert interviews, each Pre-Trend is rooted in evolving cultural shifts with business and cultural implications to impact 2018.

The report is based on emerging cultural shifts identified by Backslash’s network of more than 250 global spotters, who are TBWA strategists and creatives in 43 offices around the world.

The “Backslash 2018 Global Pre-Trends Report” asserts that an unexpected convergence is starting to occur and unexpected worlds will collide in 2018. The Pre-Trends identified in the report serve as indicators of this larger shift. Next year, genetic technology will collide with activism, memes with currency, digital goods with fashion, creative direction with algorithms, and cults will meet social media.

“Our spotters around the globe have monitored macro- and micro-trends, what we call ‘Edges,’ in several key areas that drive culture,” said Sarah Rabia, global director of cultural strategy. “Our mission is to not only monitor cultural shifts, but to translate why they are happening and what they mean for brands and people. Our 2018 Pre-Trends do just that as well as suggest business questions that may shape tomorrow’s product offerings and brand campaigns.”